To create a paradigm shift between human and animal bonds through education, spay and neuter,

animal care, and other media outlets. 




Our vision is a world where humans and animals can co-exist, and that humans

treat all animals with compassion, care, and respect, without harming their existence. 




We are currently living at a time where humanity is undergoing a major shift, which is transforming our lives. Like any paradigm shift, it is changing our view of reality, identity, social relationships and human purpose. When we discover that all beings are equally a part of creation, it naturally awakens in us a sense of connection and compassion for all life. 

Compassion for Animals is a private, non-profit organization aimed at creating awareness of our responsibility as stewards of this world and consciousness of our vital connection that exists among humans and animals. 

The only way to accomplish our mission is with your help. Together we can shift paradigms between human and animal bonds. United, we can make a difference. 


For the animals, 


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