Hero Dog Film


Compassion for Animals has had the pleasure to work with different media and documentary campaigns, most recently: Hero Dog Film. Compassion for Animals joined the team of 21st Paradigm, as Associate Producer to collaborate and help execute a documentary that would change the view on stray dogs around the world.

A compelling film on stray dogs in Chile, this documentary was created in order to be a voice for the street dogs. This documentary is an example of the many street dogs worldwide and efforts done by people to save them. We believe video is a great way to educate people. This video proved to do so.


Speak Up Campaign

Because animals need a voice


The goal of this campaign is to: raise awareness, become a voice for the animals, use media outlets to educate, and educate through visuals and sound. This is a kid-friendly video so we can teach our children at a young age.

Malala Yousafzai stated, “When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” Everyday we see the consequences of silence revealing itself through violence, abuse, neglect, and fear. We are blinded by our daily routine unable to see what is happening around us. Most of us walk our everyday path unconscious of the harm and suffering being done to animals. Our voice is a powerful mean for change. We want to embrace consciousness and shift paradigms between human and animal bonds. Help us speak up for the animals.

The time to speak up is now.